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Perpetual Calendar

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Here is a FREE perpetual calendar for your use. It has been designed in Microsoft Excel 2000, so in order to use it, you must either have Microsoft 2000 or newer on your computer or you must download the Excel viewer from Microsoft. If you right-click on this link, you will have the option of opening it in a new window rather than inside this frame.

Here's how the calendar works. The first spreadsheet in the workbook has the instructions and a list of the years from 1800 to 2100. You may either look up the year in the chart and click on the tab of the workbook for that calendar or you may simply click on the year itself and the workbook will take you there.

The pages have been designed to fit on standard letter sized paper so that all 15 pages may be printed for your use off line as well.

Get your calendar now. You will have the option of opening it or saving it to disk. The file is about 170K.

Let us know how this works for you. As always, we appreciate your feedback at any time.

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