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Rainbow Line

Custom Printed Address Labels
from Hawes Publications

Rainbow Line

We can do custom printed self stick labels for you at economical prices! They are printed on white stock with 30 labels per sheet with each label measuring 2 5/8 inches wide by 1 inch high. And now, we offer you a new option! While the minimum order is still 4 sheets, they may have up to 3 different graphics on each sheet! So now, you can specify whether you want 1 graphic, 2 graphics or 3 graphics on each sheet. And you can mix and match! That's up to 12 different graphics in one order! Your cost is still only $1.25 per sheet! You can see a sample of the label itself and the various graphics available. If you have a specific graphic you would like used, we can do that too! Just send it along on a disk with your order, or send the graphic (up to 5 by 7) and we will scan it. We can do photos, but much detail is lost due to the small size. Also, no copyrighted material will be accepted unless you hold the copyright.

We have recently added many new graphics to our samples page (with more to be added shortly), but what if you still don't see a graphic you like in the samples? Just tell us what subject you are looking for and we can probably find something for you. We have a library of over 400,000 different images! We can even arrange for you to see the image and approve it before we print your order.

Yes, I'd like to see some samples.

Rainbow Line

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