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Rainbow Line

Custom Glitter Names

Rainbow Line

Have you seen those really cool names done in glitter in emails or on Facebook or MySpace? Well, you can get them here! We will custom make your name (or short slogan) in glitter letters. It will be sent to you in gif format to use as you like - no linking to someone else's website to view or use it.

We can make them in virtually any font, you specify. Wider fonts work better as they have more room on each letter for the glitter. We recommend using one of our chosen fonts as they have been tested and work well.

We can also include a graphic or photo! Send us a small graphic or photo and we will put it next to your name or slogan. Please note that no copyrighted material will be accepted unless you hold the copyright.

You can see samples of some names and also the various glitter colors which are available.

Each custom made name is only $4.99.

Rainbow Line

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